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After a couple of years of successful Summer Adventures, we had another dud last year. Chris and I decided that this year we would focus more on the 'fun' part than the 'adventure' part so we decided to just do a bunch of fun day trips all over the state.

(I once again failed to take very many pictures, but here are a few to give you an idea.)

Day 1: Mountain Bike @ Devils Gulch

Chris and I actually tried to ride here back in 2013 but it was closed due to fires at the time. We decided to give it another shot and it was well worth it. There was a long climb up to the top, and then a fast fun descent down. There were several creek crossings and some beautiful views, but you will just have to go check it out yourself to see it all.

We didnt get back to the trucks until just about dark, and then hurried into town to find the last place that was still open and had an ice cold PBR.

Day 2: Kayaking the Ellensburg Canyon of the Yakima River

I turned out to be a nice hot sunny day for a relaxing float. It was fun to get the river-level view of this familiar area. There was even a fun cliff jump part way through to make things a little more exciting.

We had planned to hike part of the PCT up near Mt. Rainier the next day so we headed up Chinook Pass to the park, but when we arrived, there was still several feet of snow on the ground. It was getting late, so we changed course and headed northwest instead to see what else we could find.

Day 3: Hiking @ Mailbox Peak

We ended up near North Bend so we decided to hike Mailbox Peak the next day. It was the Fourth of July so there were a few more people out than usual, but it was still a fun hike. For extra fun, we took the 'old trail' on the way back down.

Checking the mail at the top of Mailbox Peak


Sunbeams on the old trail down

Day 4: Kayaking @ Snoqualmie Falls / Mountain Biking @ Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail

The day started of kind of cloudy and grey, but it added to the peaceful nature of the morning float. We took out just above the roaring falls, and I would be lying if I said it wasnt a little disconcerting to paddle right up to the giant DANGER signs and see the very distinct horizon line as the falls plunged several hundred feet on the other side.

Waterfall along the Middle Fork Trail

Day 5: Mountain Biking @ Duthie Hill

We had been slowly snaking our way back toward Seattle and decided to finish off the trip with a day of mountain biking at Duthie Hill. There were lots of fun trails and not too many folks out, so we had a great time zipping around the berms and bumps.

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Summer Adventure - Sampler Platter

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