Summer Adventure - WaMBR Trail

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After last year's Summer Olympics trip, Chris and I decided to make it an annual tradition to go on a hair-brained adventure. This year I wanted to go map and ride the WaMBR Trail - a mountain bike route that I hoped would span the entire length of the state from Canada to Oregon.

US-Canada Border - An unlawful crossing

Old cemetary site

Abandoned mine

Chris and some of the rocks that would be his downfall

Somewhere deep on the WaMBR Trail

Unfortunately, we only made it a day and a half before everything fell apart. Like literally, Chris' rear axle fell apart and he had to walk back to the car and drive into town to get a repair. Meanwhile, I kept going but quickly discovered that the proposed route was a literal dead-end at a deep ravine.

After much map consulting, we realized that the route just wasnt going to work. The dream of the WaMBR Trail was dead. =(

We regrouped and did end up riding the Blue Buck Trail instead. It was overgrown, exposed, wet, and sometimes barely there, but it was still a really fun adventure.

Although the whole ill-fated trail was my idea, Chris' broken bike on the second day earned him the Lost Paddle Award again this year.

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