San Juan Island Quest

Category: Adventure Racing

After about a seven year hiatus, I competed in another adventure race this past Saturday. I saw a actually saw poster for the San Juan Island Quest while riding the ferry and thought it sounded like fun. Although they offered a 12-hour course as well, I decided that the 6-hour course was a better idea, so I signed up, loaded up my truck, and headed over to beautiful Orcas Island.

Race Headquarters

My bike getting ready for the event

The competition milling about

After a bit of delay, we got started at 12:15. First off was the mountain biking leg, which required a long, steep climb and then some fast, fun downhill. Unfortunately, it seemed like more up than down to me, but it was a beautiful area and I couldnt complain at all.

Checkpoint #2

Then it was on to the kayaking. The sun was just coming out and the water was smooth as glass. Great day to be out on the lake paddling.

Just completed the kayaking leg

After a short bike back to the HQ, it was off to the trekking portion. I am not a runner, but I used some good navigation to pick up a few places by being smart instead of fast.

Cascade Falls

Atop Sunrise Rock

After the last checkpoint, we had to canoe a couple hundred yards and then return to the finish line. I came in around 6:25pm or so, putting me just barely over the 6-hour mark. Out of 14 teams, I came 7th, which I was pretty happy with. (The guy who won runs ultra-marathons in the Alps for a hobby, so I didnt feel too bad).

Anyway, it was a great course, beautiful day, and overall fun event. Definitely planning on doing it again next year!




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