Evolution of a Tree House - Part 1

Category: Home Improvement

Step 1 - You might think we should start with the tree, but I didnt take any pictures of the trees before I started, so lets skip ahead.

Step 2 - Build bracketry. Why use just wood when using metal means I get to weld something?

Step 3 - Integrate wood and metal

Step 4 - Attach supports to tree. The supports run up at a 45° angle to support the four main beams.

(i thought they turned out pretty nice, if i do say so myself)

Step 5 - Step back and get the big picture. Those are some tall trees

Step 6 - Repeat process on second tree. Here is a shot of one side complete and the second side going up

Step 7 - Install floor so you dont have to keep balancing on the small edge of the 2x6s.

Step 8 - Enjoy!

But the evolution is not complete - we have the support structure and floor in place, but the treehouse is missing the 'house' part (a 'treefloor' just doesnt have the same ring to it). Check back later to see how it progresses.




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