Chicken Coop v4

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After saying goodbye to our old house, we found a great new place just outside of Langley. But we hard to start our flock over from scratch, and new chickens means a new chicken coop.

This was our fourth time building a chicken coop. Our first coop was pretty small (only built to house four chickens) and relatively straight-forward:

Unfortunately, that coop was destroyed in the Great Chicken Coop Fire of 2010.

We rebuilt the coop (v2), but after several of our chickens got raccooned, we built them a new coop with a completely enclosed run:

When we moved to this new place, we knew we were going to start a larger flock so we needed a larger coop to accomodate them. There was a great open spot with lots of sun and some tall trees, so we got to work.

Clearing the area

Beginning of the floor frame

Floor joists

Completed floor

First wall going up

More walls

Wall and roof framing complete

Front & back siding

Roof and walls all sheeted

Rafters going up over the pen

Pen roof all sheeted

Final metal roofing all done

Coop, pen, and run with chickens in the sun

There is still more to do - the main door and clean-out door are just temporary plywood, and we still need to build the front gate, but the chickens are all safe and happy with their new coop. Hopefully it is the last one we will be building. 🐔




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