My Year of Microadventures

Category: Outdoors

At the beginning of this year, I decided that I was going to do at least one #microadventure each month during 2015. There really werent any rules about it other than each adventure had to involve sleeping outside. I started out with a great overnight hike at Wallace Falls in January and a fun bike trip to Goldmyer Hot Springs in February. There was also the big Paddle to the Sea Summer Adventure in July, but I didnt blog much about the other trips. I did however continue to get out each month and achieved my goal of an adventure every month.

The full list:

  • January - Hiking at Wallace Falls
  • February - Biking at Goldmyer Hot Springs
  • March - Camping at Griffin Creek Natural Area
  • April - Kayak at Dugualla Bay
  • May - Hiking at Skyline Ridge
  • June - Camping at Baker Lake
  • July - Climbing, hiking, and kayaking from Mt. Baker to the sea
  • August - Hiking at Ozette Triangle
  • September - Camping in my own woods
  • October - Biking at Bainbridge Island
  • November - Kayaking at Deception Pass
  • December - Snow biking and snowshoeing at Nason Creek




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