Snowshoeing @ Skyline Lake

Category: Outdoors

This past weekend, we decided to take advantage of the winter weather and do some snowshoeing. We decided on a spot up at Stevens Pass that offered a short 3-mile round-trip trek with a lake at the top.

When we arrived, it was overcast, windy, and downright chilly. But we bundled up and headed out anyway. However, not too far into the trek, the sun came out and we had beautiful blue skies.

The trek was entirely uphill for the first half (in order to gain the ridge and reach the lake), but everyone trudged onward.

Near the top, the trail forked and we initally took the right path. this lead to a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

After taking in the views, we retreated downhill several hundred yards and then took the left path to the lake. It was completely frozen over and snow covered with lots of tracks right across the middle of it.

A nearby small peak called out to be climbed, but we decided to eat our lunch instead and just enjoy the scenery and our accomplishment.

After a nice lunch, we turned around and headed down. The going down was much easier, minus the out-of-control sledders and frigid wind blasts.

Everyone ended the day with a smile on their face, so I would have to say that it was a very nice trip.




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