Backpacking the Ozette Triangle

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Another adventure that had been on my list for a long time was backpacking along the Olympic coast, specifically the Ozette Triangle. This 9 mile round-trip hike starts off along a wooden boardwalk through the forest and then eventually drops down to the beach. From there, you walk along the beach for several miles, enjoying the rocky sea stacks, spotting wildlife, and killer sunsets. The trail then turns and heads back through the forest, completing the loop.

Although this hike can be done pretty easily in a day, we wanted to make it into an overnight trip so we didnt head out until the afternoon and planned to camp along the beach about half-way through the loop.

The whole group ready to head out

The walk along the boardwalk was really fun and right as the crew was getting restless, the trees opened up and gave way to views of the open ocean. We dropped down to the beach and turned south.

Hiking along the beach

There were lots of neat rocks, logs, shells, pools, and more to explore. Speaking of logs, there were several places where we had to thread our way over and through some big driftwood piles, but everybody was having lots of fun.

You can do it!

Sun shimmering on the sea

It was great fun to walk along the beach, and as evening neared, we started to scout out a good campsite. We found a great spot on some higher ground and spent some time playing in the sand before being treated to an incredible sunset. We played cards and laughed and then enjoyed falling asleep staring up at the stars.

Pretty stunning sunset

Our camp for the night on some high ground

The next morning, things were pretty foggy and damp, but we started off with high spirits anyway. I had heard about some native hieroglyphic carvings on this part of the hike so we were on the look out.

Foggy morning beach trek

Eventually the skies cleared up and the sun came. We even found the hieroglyphics that we were looking for.

Beatiful sky colors reflecting in the tide pools

Native hieroglyphics

Toward the end, Abbey was definitely getting cranky and ready to be done, but she trudged on with lots of coaxing. We finally arrived back at the starting point a few hours later than planned, but (almost) everyone had a great time.




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