BrickFest Montage Clip - Blair Witch

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Every year there is this big convention type thing related to Legos that is called Brickfest (http://www.brickfest.com). As part of Brickfest, Brickfilms usually sponsors an animation contest that goes along with the theme of Brickfest. Many animators participate, and some of the best lego movies of the year come from competitions like this.

This year at Brickfest, they decided to add another component as well. Before the public viewing of the animation competition entries, the organizers wanted to show a 3 minute montage of clips from famous movies, all re-created in Lego. The rules were simple: pick a famous scene from a famous movie, use the original audio track, animate the whole thing with Legos, and make it all less than about 30 seconds long. It sounded pretty fun, so I decided to try my hand at it. Here is my re-creation of The Blair Witch Project.




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