New Kayak and Rack

Category: Outdoors

A few months ago, I got a new sea kayak but never put up a picture of it. I havent gotten to use it nearly as much I would have liked since I didnt have an easy way to transport it (at 17' long, I couldnt just throw it in the bed of my truck like I can with my swifty). But I finally got a good rack setup so I can haul the thing around.




Goodbye Scenic Avenue

After over 10 years in this house, we are moving on

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Soup Box Derby 2018

We are back this year with a new crew and a brand new racer

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I will be sure to take a run for you my friend

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Summer Adventure - Sampler Platter

Hiking, biking, kayaking all around the state

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Happy New Year 2017

A quick dip in Puget Sound to ring in the new year

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