Flagstaff Adventure Race II

Category: Adventure Racing

Last saturday was the second race of the first annual Mountain Racing Sports Flagstaff Adventure Racing 3-race Series. Team Sierra Adventure Sports had finished 1st in the 3-person division (6th overall) in the first race on May 20th and was looking to do well again in the second race of the year. We ended up with an additional racer for this race, making us the only 3-person team with 4 people. We gained time with some strategic puzzle-picking and Rick's usual spot-on navigation. We also made up some ground on the bike leg, barely edgeing out in front of the guys from Gilmore Adventure Racing. At a blind-folded rock-climbing mystery event, we put some more distance between us (it helped that Carter just happens to own his own rock climbing wall). In the final ride-n-tie section, we knew that team Gilmore Adventure Racing was right behind us and closing the gap.

We were all beat, but determined to stay out in front. In the end, it was a sprint to the finish, but we edged them out by a mere 7 seconds! It was good enough for a 2nd place finish in our division, 5th overall.

Check out some race photos at http://www.sierraadventuresports.com/sierrahome2gallery.htm and see the official results at http://www.mtnracingsports.com/results.htm




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