Desert Rage II - Roosevelt Lake

Category: Adventure Racing

The Desert Rage II adventure race was yesterday at Roosevelt Lake. Rick promised that the race would be really tough, and he didnt disappoint. After the 4am dark start, we had a tough climb on the bike, followed by a crazy bike/hike down an old stream bed that is part of the Arizona Trail. Most of the 'trail' was either big boulders in the streambed, or overgrown brush on either bank. After the bushwack, there were several miles of killer climbs up some rocky powerline roads. Every team had to hike some of these sections. Then there was a superfast descent back down to the road and then back to the TA. Next up was a 9 mile paddle on Roosevelt Lake. With the new format of the final orienteering/trekking section, even the fastest teams were out right up until the cut-off time. I raced as a solo and finished with a time of 11 hours 25 minutes - good enough for a first place in the solo division =)

The race report and full results are posted on the Sierra Adventure Sports website: http://www.sierraadventuresports.com/sierrahome2results.htm




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