Climbing Mt. St. Helens

Category: Outdoors

Didn't make the summit last year due to whiteout conditions, but returned this year with Chris, Andy, Conner, and Zack to try again. Windy, rainy, cloudy weather made for a long cold day, but everyone reached the summit and (hopefully) had a good time.




Ranger Tug R23 Pot Puller

Installing a Discovery Bay Power Hauler Crab/Shrimp Pot Puller

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Ranger Tug R23 Cave Shelf

Building a custom storage shelf for the 1/4 berth cave

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Kelcema Lake Snowshoe

A fun showshoe trip to a deserted alpine lake

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Ranger Tug R23 Bow Roller + Anchor Upgrade

Upgrading the bow roller, anchor, and rode

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Ranger Tug R23 Battery Monitor Install

Installing a Victron BMV-712 battery monitor

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